We currently have no vacancies.

Note on Stage Management 

We usually put an ad on StageJobsPro when planning a show, but are happy to receive cvs from Stage Managers at any time who can demonstrate good training and experience.

We usually require SMs who are drivers, and often you must have two years’ driving experience to comply with our van insurers.  This is not always the case but please note the job description at the time.

Tip: Please make sure you can fulfil the main criteria of the job, e.g. driving, relighting, sound op etc.  Read the job description thoroughly.

Casting Information

Dear Actors…

At Fresh Glory we use a variety of actors, including actor-musicians, acting ASMs and understudies.

The final word on casting is usually given to the director of the play, who will have called in actors already known to them as well as providing the casting breakdown.  The producer will also make recommendations from experience, and probably will have asked for recommendations from other directors, producers or actors.

We always advertise on The Spotlight, and generally send our breakdowns to all agents; sometimes to all agents and individual members.  We do not announce breakdowns on this page as it is far easier for us to use The Spotlight, and in our experience most actors are members.

If you are not a member and would like to join, click here to go to the Spotlight home page.

Sometimes our breakdowns come to the attention of other websites which publish them without our permission.  If you make a really good application through another website it’s not impossible that we will see you, but it’s not the best way.

Advice on applying.

This is going to sound negative, but keep reading!

PLEASE do not apply for a job if you cannot do what is asked in the casting breakdown.  Do not let your agent think you can do things if you cannot.  This wastes our time, makes us grumpy and costs us money if we audition you and find (for example) that you can’t sing, even if this was particularly mentioned in the breakdown.

For “Lilies on the Land” I auditioned several ladies whose agents assured me that they could sing unaccompanied harmony when they couldn’t.  This is incredibly galling when you have just sat through an otherwise brilliant audition.  Casting rooms cost a lot of money and your slot could have gone to someone else who was qualified for the job.

PLEASE do not apply for a job if you are the wrong age/type/height/race.  Again, for “Lilies”, for a job requiring a Caucasian 40+-year-old with a genuine N.E. accent, I had applications from 23-year-old actresses, black actresses, French actresses… The most frequent mistake is to apply outside your age range, and this is most common among the eager young (especially if you’re used to playing older parts in drama school). Unfortunately you cannot know (unless you’re in a co-op) whether your agent is being silly about this on your behalf.

Understudying: please, please, please do not apply for an understudy job unless you are genuinely going to take it if offered.  We will not be pleased to have met you, or think how happy we were to have given you a chance to shine.  Sometimes there are genuine reasons not to accept a job and we can recognise this, but generally, be willing or don’t apply.  Don’t listen if your agent says otherwise.

Here’s the positive bit: we do know how hard it is out there and we have great respect for actors and their craft.  We try to make our auditions a good experience and we want you to relax and do your best.  We will give you the best chance we can.

Best wishes to you all

Rosalind Riley

Executive Producer

PS If you can’t make it to an audition, TELL US!  Apart from our own irritation and expense, an empty slot could cost a fellow actor the chance to get a job.  We will also be moaning about you to other theatre professionals…