Huck, an outcast teenager, and Jim, a runaway slave, are fleeing down the Mississippi on their makeshift raft. Adventures grow wilder, stories taller, and the people they meet more outlandish as they journey through a young America, searching for freedoms without and freedoms within.

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain’s all-time classic novel of taking chances and pushing boundaries, is brought crashing onto the stage by award-winning theatre company Shapeshifter. With live music and a charmingly funny script, HUCK is a messy, raucous and uncouth epic for young, old and everyone in between.


Original Production produced by Fresh Glory Production in association with Shapeshifter and The Theatre Chipping Norton
UK & Ireland Tour – February – May 2010

Directed by John Terry
Set Design by Garance Marneur
Costume Design by Nell Knudsen
Lighting Design by Ben Pacey

Written by James Graham,
from the novel by Mark Twain

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